A n y t h i n g . A n y w h e r e . A n y t i m e

Good thing comes in big package.
มิถุนายน 9, 2009, 4:55 pm
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Once in a while I  always buy a gift for myself and it has to be the thing I really really want , the thing i sleep over for months (last item is Wakeboard gear which was 2 years ago) 

This pair caused me broke for life (actually i was looking for an all-black one). it ‘s not practical to Tropical weather in Bkk tho but hey..I m goin to NY (what an excuse) 😛

 If my mom find out how much i paid for this, she ll put me in this shoe and let me walk all the way to US for sure.


2 ความเห็น so far

you just killed me..

ความเห็น โดย superstarski

OMG can’t get Mr.Owens out off my head!!!

ความเห็น โดย superstarski


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